Music Therapy


Black Tie Magazine’s Music Therapy page is designed to open up a stress free world of creativity, love and joy. Our featured Artists are hand picked. Their music is soothing, enjoyable and in some cases an aphrodisiac.  










SANURA is the creator of a new genre of music called, “Electro Soul.”  It’s a blend of R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock with a twist of Hip Hop.  Originally from Virginia, she is currently carving her way up the digital musical charts in the heart of the Entertainment Industry, Los Angeles.

SANURA’S recently released single “Hold The Line” rapidly climbed the digital charts and is available on all digital musical outlets.

Her new  HIT single “Say Goodbye to Love” is available now on all Digital Musical outlets.  Do yourself a favor, purchase it..  You’ll love it.

Music by:  Marion Meadows




Marion has a step by step approach to delivering soothing, sexy relaxing music to the world.  Originally from New Haven, Connecticut, his Jazz Savy techniques adds a unique feel to the Jazz world.

MARION live, Camden, New Jersey.